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From another message board - Friend dies at Temptation Resort in Cancun
Nicole Wrote:January 24, 2013

I visited the Temptation Resort in Cancun Mexico Jan 16-Jan 21 and what happened there is the most horrific thing anyone should ever have to go through. On Saturday Jan 19th after a beautiful day at the beach and pool I decide imp getting a little cold so I tell my friend lets go to the room, she was still enjoying herself in the pool with people and said she wanted to stay I argued not wanting to leave her but she stayed. About an hour later I'm asleep in the room when someone is banging on my door, I get up abruptly and open the door to security and staff saying come with them. I leave with them asking what's going on and they tell me nothing, the take me to the pool area and there are people down there and I see a body wrapped up next to the pool. I'm not thinking anything concerning me as we continue to walk. We get to the bar area of the pool and they tell me my friend had drown in the pool. I don't believe this I think they are lying to me, I'm hysterical, screaming and crying at this point still saying no she didn't drown. I then go over to the body because I'm in shock and still don't believe what they are telling me and I pull back the sheet to see my friend lying there cold and lifeless, I fell to the ground. I was screaming and crying. The hotel staff immediately picked me up and proceeded to take me to the lobby area. I had no clue what was going on, I was in shock screaming and crying and staff were just pulling me all different ways not telling me what happened or answering any of my questions. I am immediately put on the phone with the US consulate and to be honest the conversation at that point was a blur. After the call they take me to our room and when we get to the room there are supposed police all over our room going through things and not allowing me in. As I stood there not knowing what was going on they started walking out one by one and one of the police had our passports in a bag. I got scared they told me to go in my room and collect some of my belongings quickly. I tried to ask why I could not stay in my room and where was I going and they said to another room. They are rushing me so I throw as much as I can into my suitcase and proceed to follow them to another room in the resort. During this whole period I'm asking questions over and over and nobody would tell me anything. The only security I had was an amazing English couple who refused to leave my side and a guy I had met when we got there. They were arguing with the hotel staff because they were being so mean to me and I didn't do anything but just lose my friend.

So know I'm in a new room and the staff is so disrespectful that they put me in a room right above the party bar that stays open till 5am, so they went down and complained about where they put me considering the circumstances.

So they moved me to another room. I was still in shock, panic attacks, crying not knowing anything. The hotel people would not tell me nothing.
The English couple stayed with me and I just couldn't calm down I was hysterical, how can you calm down when this happens. I finally pass out from crying and get up the next morning hoping what happen was just a dream. It wasn't a dream it really happened. I go down to the front desk to find out what's going on, what happened, where are our passports, can I go home.

Nobody would answer anything I didn't have any money, no passport, not all of my belongings and my friend was dead. They then tell me I cannot get my passport back until the police get my statement, so I ask when will that be and they said well its Sunday and things move slow here so I'm not sure.

They tell me to go relax in my room and when they get more information they will contact me. I go back to my room because I don't want to be anywhere else or around anyone and call the US consulate to find out what is going on and if they have info. I continue to call the consulate every 30 minutes for info and nothing. At this point I had no clue when I was going home, still had no information on anything that happened. I was out of my mind, scared. Finally on my 20th call to the consulate they tell me I can go to the lobby at 6 and security and staff will take me to my old room to collect mine and my friends belongings and that my passport should be in there. In the mean time my guy friend was at my door with a woman. I didn't want to talk to anyone but he was admit about me opening the door. I let them and she told me she was one of the women who performed CPR on my friend and that she had to talk to me about what happened. What I heard next broke my heart even more. She told me that my friend was dancing around 10 minutes earlier and then the bartender just sped away to the pool and they pulled my friend out. This woman who was certified in CPR from the US and a nurse from Canada started CPR on my friend. She then told me that my friend was gurgling so they turned her to the side to get out the water and they continued to do this. Then the EMT came and told them to get up. Both women swore to me that they both checked her pulse and she had one. She was still alive! She could have been saved! The EMT came with nothing but the clothes on his back and stood there for a few minutes and then put his head to her chest and pronounced her dead. They let her die! They did nothing to help her, this could of been prevented. My heart fell to the floor as she was telling me this, we both start sobbing. She tells me that she wanted me to know and get her info to give to her family that something needs to be done and that she gave her her last rights. I hugged her and thanked her for trying and being brave to come and tell me this. At this time it's close to 6 when I can get escorted to my room like I'm a criminal to get my things. Four people take me to my room and watch me collect our things and give me my passport. They do inventory on my friends belongings and then take everything to my new room. At this point the consulate told me I would be leaving the next day to go home. Everything seemed so weird to me. While being in my room after this happened I did a lot of research on Mexico and this happens a lot. The EMT's never come with anything and let people die.

WTF is going on here. These are vacation spots and you telling me they just let people die? And normally when something like this happens the other party usually gets detained for a few days and has to make a statement.

Funny thing the police never came back, never took my statement and it was shocking to everyone how quickly they were getting me out. At this point I just want to get home and be safe, I was to be leaving in the morning. I never left the room that day and woke the next morning to check out and go home. I went to go check out and they had no record of me and my friend even staying there anymore. All of the paperwork and proof of us being there was gone. They ripped a piece of paper said sign and go. They really want no record of what happened or me being there. This happens all the time in Mexico and things much worse. They don't want people to know what happens because it's a vacation destination. I hope someone reads this on trip advisor and every other site I put this on, people need to know that in Mexico its money for them if you die there and that this is very common.
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I can confirm that this death did occur on those dates. As for the rest of the story we were unfortunately not there to help.
What a horrible story. It would have been nice if they would have done a toxicology report on the girl, but that might have shown something that they didn't want people to know.
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act... George Orwell.
It's easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled...Mark Twain
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Never, never vacation there. It sounds so dangerous. I am deeply sorry for these poor victims. When you don't know any better, Mexico sounds innocuous and cheap. But you can end up paying with your life, or in the case of the surviving woman, with a lifetime of horrifying memories.
We assume lifeguards know how to save lives when they are in uniform watching pool guests. CPR? Clearly no understanding of it or the benefit of keeping her blood flowing while waiting for an ambulance. Yeah, I know...
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The role of the consulate is, if anything else, even weirder. The hotel wouldn't give back her passport? They have no authority to do that - that's U.S. government property, and the consulate letting it happen is disgraceful.

It's been my experience that when you get in trouble abroad the U.S. consulate usually doesn't move a finger - but a person on vacation with someone who just died?


The U.S. could put a stop to this kind of behavior in a heartbeat if they wanted to.


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